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I began worrying about my daughter, Sandy’s immobility when she was 20 months old. At that time she could neither crawl nor walk. She pulled herself around in a sitting position screaming if I left the room, because she couldn’t follow me around nearly fast enough. ATC’s physical therapist, G. Rosen has been working with Sandy twice a week, for almost a year in her calm and pleasant manner. One year later, Sandy is walking beautifully and is working toward goals of climbing and descending steps, and climbing onto a chair.

G. Rosen Nanuet

It’s only February and already my son is a different child than in September. ATC’s SEIT teacher taught David to focus on his work and to follow directions, now David is really LEARNING! She has also taught me a lot about my delightful child. We’re so lucky to have her.

Robin B.

Dr. Eileen Ortiz (of ATC) is approachable and helpful at all times. ATC is reliable... Responsible... And Collaborates with our team members excellently.

Edie Barasch CPSE Chairperson

I want you to share our miracle with others. Because there is hope and there is help out there. My daughter, Bryny was the bully of her class and on the block. Every night when she’d finally go to sleep, I’d just sit and cry. It’s just over a year now since she started with her SEIT teacher and her weekly play therapy. both ATC and their professionals are a pleasure to work with. Bryny has changed and learned so much, she’s calmer and sweeter and even making friends. it’s so much easier to love her now.

D. Shoshman

The quality of ATC’s performance is excellent. It is a pleasure working with Dr. Ortiz and staff. Their willingness to work with our children and their families is much appreciated. The agency has been a tremendous asset in providing bilingual supports.

Deborah Mason Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services

ATC excels at addressing our students’ needs. Staff members are highly professional. Communication between therapists and families as well as with the district is excellent.

Ellen Weiner CPSE/CSE Chairperson

ATC has especially met the needs of our bilingual/bi-cultural preschoolers. They have provided quality evaluations in a timely manner. Their services are invaluable to us.

Alma Aponte CPSE/CSE Chairperson

ATC welcomes your feedback. Hearing from clients helps us serve you better.